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So today we’re going to look at the Amazon 4K Fire Stick with Alexa. Let me tell you that there is definitely something captivating at one of the most popular items that are listed on Amazon. We decided to try one for ourselves, just to see what all of the hype was about, and that being said, it’s important to know that you can do just about anything you want to when it comes to the Fire Stick. Because it’s so popular, we wanted to give you some detailed information about the Amazon Fire Stick 4K so you can be one of the thousands of users who own one today!

What the Heck Does This Thing Do Again?!
Some people are confused when it comes to what a smart streaming stick can do. Well for starters, it can literally act like any media streaming stick does – brings numerous channels and shows to your device, similar to that of a Roku Streaming Stick+, which used to be popular, but are now a little less popular since most people with smart televisions have either a regular smart TV or a Roku TV anyway. With the Fire Stick, you can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Showtime, and numerous other movie, video, and even news channels. Of course you can also get Amazon Prime on your streaming stick as well. Have a Kindle Account? You can now even read your favorite kindle books on their Amazon Fire 4K TV.

What About Voice Features?
With the new Amazon 4K Fire stick, you also get the convenience of having Alexa in your home. While it’s not meant to power your entire house on and off like the popular Amazon Echo, you still get the benefit of being able to

use the Fire Stick to control your television, your soundbars, as well as even your receiver. It’s easy to ask Alexa, Amazon’s most powerful voice assistant, to simply change the channel, look for movies by genre, and even control the volume up and down, as well as power on and off your devices.

Is it Expensive?
Believe it or not, the Fire Stick is really inexpensive, and it’s even easier to install than one may think. Trust me, we live on a tight budget at times in my home with three screaming monkeys, so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to purchase and use this with a little more than pocket change. You simply power off your television, plug the Fire Stick into the HDMI port on your TV, plug it into the wall, then connect to the internet to enjoy it. You get an awesome easy to use remote control, a power adapter, 2 AAA batteries (for the remote), and an HDMI extender as well. If you don’t have a 4K television, no problem!

What's included in the Fire Stick - Image by Amazon ©

The Fire Stick won’t force you to have 4K resolution files streaming to your television. And it’s an a pretty big 8GB cache, so you can literally watch an entire movie once it downloads onto the stick with every show or movie you watch. Many users even believe it’s a lot faster than a Roku or a Chromecast and even the old Fire Sticks, and there is no menu lag associated compared to other products on the market.

Our Final Thoughts
We have had Roku Televisions of many types, as well as the streaming devices and Roku Streaming sticks, and while we never did get our hands on a Chromecast yet, now that we’ve got the Fire Stick 4K, we probably won’t ever switch back unless they come out with something even faster and smoother. What’s even better, you can access the Roku Channel on your Fire TV if you ever decide to join!

If you decide to get Amazon Prime, don’t forget to sign up for your 7-day free trial and see what kind of Free Shipping you can get! Do be careful to not order 12 months of Amazon Prime unless that's your absolute choice or they'll bill you all 12 months at once!

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